Current Issues

Liberty, Equality and Justice for All Kentuckians.


I will focus on the balance of liberty and equality for all Kentuckians. I believe it is possible to preserve a safe, peaceful, and orderly society while maintaining minimum restrictions on our individual personal freedoms. I am personally committed to continuous improvements in and refinement of the delicate balance of justice for all. I will support and pursue policies to address issues of Kentucky civil rights, racial injustice, and the disparities in our state’s justice system. Therefore, I stand with The Warriors of the Rainbow.

A Voice for Working Families, Workers Rights and Competitive Paying Jobs.


I know first-hand the struggles that families go through to make ends meet. I know what it means to juggle work and family life. I learned at a young age that making a living, or a dollar, involved a sacrifice of certain life’s pleasures. My educational background and manufacturing work experience have expanded my view from the ground floor up to the corporate side of industry. I understand the growing significance and need for a strong voice on issues such as: workplace gender inequality, paid family and medical leave, affordable child care, and tax breaks. I believe that workers’ rights need to be both respected and protected. I will be a strong voice for social progress, fundamental principles and rights at work. I know for fact that in the 19th district┬áthere are some of the most hard-working individuals in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. The products they produce are second-to-none. I want to be the most hard-working individual in Frankfort for each and everyone of the workers in my district. When it comes to negotiating for competitive-paying jobs, expanded job training, continuing education benefits, safer working conditions, and better health benefits, I am your man. I have never minded starting on the ground floor. I believe we learn more when we start from the bottom and work our way up in life.


Education, Retirement and School Safety

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Commonsense Approach to Drugs, Policies and Crime

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